Hello, Dear Friends!
My name is Irina Gvozdeva.


I live in one of the historical European cities — Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. I am pleased to welcome you on my  cattery  — «Kingcoons». I breed the most great domestic cats — Maine Coon. The huge size, scary look, friendliness and affection —  Maine secret  of the Maine Coon Cats!

We are CFA, WCF and RUI registered. All my adult cats are HSM tested negative. I have in my breeding programme really maine coon type different color: long and powerful body, strong bones with great head, high ears and fluffy tassels.

In blood lines of my animals such known catteries as: Justcoons, Langstteich's, Pillowtalks, Gonsiorline. My kittens are healthy and sociable. At the moment of sale they are accustomed to various food, have all necessary vaccinations. My cats are numerous participants «Best in Show» and Prize-winners of many exhibitions!

I hope, you will like my cats and you will come back here again!



Maine coon cattery KINGCOONS  have kittens for sale from parents- champions!



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